Mojácar is an historic `White Village´ in the Province of Almería overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and seven kilometres of beaches that have three European Blue Flag awards.Throughout Spain, Mojácar is known as Rincón del Embrujo (Corner of Enchantment) enjoying Europe’s healthiest climate, providing a quality of life that most people seek but rarely ever find.

Enjoying 320 days of sunshine every year and sitting o­n the south east coast in a Bay that both provides and protects its marvellous climate.Being surrounded by sites designated as areas of natural beauty makes Mojácar o­ne of the most attractive places in Spain.It is also o­ne of the few coastal resorts where the sea isn’t hidden behind high-rise hotels and apartment blocks.


Here you can still find solitary beaches, landscapes and surrounding countryside of fantasy, a welcoming community and many fiestas, a fine selection of restaurants, trendy beach bars, Cafés and Boutiques, that make Mojácar a most attractive place and its sports facilities are all within easy reach.

Mojácar is full of small and hospitable shops which specialize in hand-made goods.  Theses stores are scattered around the narrow cobbled streets which wind between the whitewashed walls of the village.  These small traders sell all kinds of hand-made curiosities, including the most traditional jarapas (a kind of colourful rag rug), esparto-work, ceramics, leather and iron-ware… which are all vivid reminders of the ways of the past, when masters of these products lived their simple but artistic lives.  o­n Wednesdays, being the traditional Market Day (see Gastronomy), there is even more choice.You will find a rich and heady mixture of cultures and races from all over the world and from this crucible of varied colours and ripples, you can be sure to find almost anything you like, at a good price!


The regular social ritual of getting water from the fountain continues in Mojácar, as it has for centuries, from time to time when the fountain, known as Fuente Mora, Moorish Fountain was the site of the surrender to the Catholic Kings of the local townships in the fifteenth century.  This site has always been the gathering place and social centre, for our town’s folk, and still today some housewives will still wash laundry here in keeping with the old traditions.

Mojácar has a very long history and has been populated by many different cultures over the millennia.  Perhaps for this reason the inhabitants are open-hearted and friendly as they pass thought the streets of Mojácar, filling the squares, talking or relaxing at the table of some café.  There is surely no better way of understanding the true essence of Mojácar than by living the ways of her people and following the delightful customs.